Stromboli  Timeline

1882 There were no eruptions at the summit craters but there were many at side vents
1891 On June 24th 1891 there were two explosions at the summit.
1903 Lava flows recorded in January, March, June and November
1907 Explosions reported on  January 11th and 31st April 13th and 27th, and May 14th.
1912 An eruption on August 25th
1916 On June 20th and July 4th an explosion hit Stromboli.
1919 On May 22nd strong explosions ejected 30-60 ton blocks onto houses. 4 people were killed and 20 injured. It caused a tsunami.
Major explosion 1930 Two explosions occurred at Stromboli on September 11th. An ash cloud rose to a height of 2500 m. Thirty ton blocks fell. A glowing avalanche approached S. Bartolo church. A tsunami was generated. largest eruption in past 100 years. 4 people were killed.
1944 in August strong eruptions produced a pine-shaped cloud 2000 m high.
1952 A lava flow began on June 6th. people didn't know the flow until alerted by a tourist. The lava flow continued for several days.
1954 Clouds were produced in February and March. A tsunami was generated along with moderate explosions and lava flow.
1971 Lava flowed to the sea on April 3rd
1975 A new lava flow began at Stromboli volcano on November 5th.
1986 lava flowed on December 5th and killed one man.
1989 Tourists got hit by lava flow, one broke an arm.
Major explosion 2001 On October 20th large blocks of lava flew and hurt people.
2002 A large explosion occurred on January 23rd
2002-2003 large volcano caused a Tsunami
2007 flank eruption caused lava to flow for many days.
2008 In June there were four active vents, causing constant eruptions.
2009 eruptions in October